12 Powerful Steps for Successful Instagram Marketing 2019

Instagram has taken all the social media practices on rage after it came in existence in 2010.

From a simple photo-sharing app to the tremendously grown platform, it has succeeded in lots of new challenges. From photos to video, storytelling feature, polling feature and now IGTV, Instagram have come a long way.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users and millions of uploaded images every day, its popularity is touching the height of success. This creative platform allows its users to share the best moments of their life. We can share most trending feed or whatever we desire.

You might have heard about successful businesses on other social media platforms. But Instagram has now changed these scenarios completely. It revolutionizes the way of branding to such an extent that no marketing ends without it.

Here you cannot just interact with your family and friends but also with your prospective customers. It has become a valuable marketplace for businesses. There are thousands of opportunities where you can represent your brand more engaging, creative and extraordinary. Or something from out of the leap.

Undeniably, it has become the most powerful platform for achieving your business goals. If you are still unaware of the benefits of using this platform, then definitely you are missing a big part of your marketing strategy.

How to do Perfect Instagram Marketing?

Are you thinking to present different shades of your brand personality? It is necessary for creating the strongest bond between you and your relevant customers. That’s when it comes to perfect Instagram marketing the first thing that came in our mind is engagement. Yes, you are listening to it right! There are a few factors that influence the ranking of any post on the Instagram feed –

  • Likes that you are getting on your post.
  • Number of positive comments to influence your audience.

How to get more Engagement on Instagram?

The higher the number of comments and likes you are getting, the more visible your post becomes in the newsfeed. In this article, I am going to tell you the tricks that no one have ever used before. Here are some wondrous tips which you can use for generating an impressive image in front of your audience –

  1. Unstoppable You

Try to make your caption and image so impressive that your followers can’t resist themselves from appreciating your efforts. And you get more likes and comments on your post.

  1. Analyze your Market First

But before diving in the pool of Instagram marketing, you must go through the complete analysis of your possible market. The essential factor that is liable for huge engagement is your followers’ base. So try to know where you can find your prospective customers.

  1. Do Cross Promotion

Cross promotion can save businesses time and money. In fact, it gives more exposure to your brand. When you promote your brand not only on Instagram but also on different social media platforms, then it is called cross promotion. As it is said, you can’t expect where you find your right audience. So promote your business on every possible social media platform.

  1. Pattern Posting

Pattern posting is one of my favorite style of doing marketing. In this method, you can post images or videos related to your product and services twice or thrice in a week. It will enhance the awareness of your brand and makes your people updated from time to time.

  1. Fill in the Blank

You must be doubting what it means. When you put up a question like “which is your favorite place ———“, then most of the users comment on your post, and it will make your post engaging. So try to use this unusual method for getting millions of responses.

  1. Image Quality

As we all are aware of the power of visualization, so using the right image with right caption can do wonder for any business. Choose the high-quality image for leaving the perfect impression.

  1. Reply the Responses to your Post

Double the engagement on your post by replying all the responses that you are getting. It will create a strong bond between you and your customers. And your customers feel a valuable part of your brand.

  1. Influencer Marketing

As a smart marketer, you probably monitor the conversation about your brand and products on Instagram. But do you know you can turn this conversation into conversion? Well, you must be thinking how? If you want, you can buy Instagram comments for solving all your issues. These positive comments on your post will influence more new followers to trust you and your brand.


  1. Run a Contest

You can run any contest for asking the opinion of your people about your product and services. And in creating the interest of your people, you can give gifts. You can use this feedback to understand how customers perceive your brand and also to identify your brand advocates. So it is a fabulous way of getting useful insights from your customers. So utilize it!

  1. Use Right Hashtags

Using a right hashtag can lead your brand in most of the searches. So use the hashtag which is mostly searched and enhance the exposure of your brand.

  1. Show your Uniqueness

Being you is the most significant factor for getting successful. For example, if you follow all the tricks that your favorite brand do, then you can become as successful as it is. But for leaving your footsteps on the hearts of your people, you must have some uniqueness. So find your way to show your skill and establish yourself as an expert in your niche!

  1. Analyze your Competitor

In general, your competitors would target the same people on Instagram as you do. So monitor your competitors approach for increasing engagement on your post. This is something that we call reverse engineering.


Though you will perceive thousands of tricks for increasing Instagram comments on your post, the thing is every business has its own plans. By reading this article, you will know which method you can execute for your business. So make your own strategies and become successful.


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