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10 Sure Fire Ways to Increase your Periscope Followers

Do you want to be the next Periscope sensation? If yes, then follow the following tips and somehow take some extra effort to catch the heart of your periscope viewers and increase your followers. But wait, for those who are still unaware of what periscope is- well it’s just another application launched and owned by twitter and is already running for the past few months and has already attracted millions of users.

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What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live-streaming application where you can transmit live recording to your Twitter and Periscope followers. It’s like skyping but your audience is the community of your periscope followers. Or better say, you will be ‘scoping’ your own news or share whatever is happening on your surrounding or simply around you. But the difference is that people who have seen your videos can comment or ask questions. Your viewers can interact with you while you are broadcasting!

How to get followers on periscope?

Getting followers on periscope may just be a breeze. Just broadcast something interesting and someone will surely watch and interact with you. The real question is ‘how to get more periscope followers? Just like your typical Twitter follower, periscope users also quite choosy in terms of following accounts. So, how can you possibly gain more periscope followers?

  1. Interact with people
  2. There are three imperative moments to keep communication with your audience. The first is before doing the scope. Doing some pre-promotion on the Twitter at least 5-10 minutes prior on going live can inform your existing followers about the live broadcast you are going to make. If possible, you can also make a promotion on Facebook. This will be more effective if your scope is related on the interest of Facebook users or Facebook content.
    The next important moment of interaction is during your broadcast. Make sure you engage with your viewers, welcome them, acknowledge their efforts for viewing your broadcast, and respond to the comments. Remember that giving your audience a warming welcome and showing them that you value your presence can be the way to their hearts.

    The last significant moment is after your broadcast. You can watch replay, review the comments and sent a ‘thank you’ tweet for those who have really interact and watch you throughout the scope.

  3. Develop a Good Content and Good Scope
  4. No one will ever entertain a boring scope. People only listen attentively and watch curiously to something that can provide them something valuable and not just pure bluffs. Humor-filled content can also be a great way to catch the hearts of your viewers and convince other periscopers to be your follower.

    To do excellent scopes, you might need some additional tools and somehow, additional efforts. Do a research on topics that other viewers are enjoying and try to create a unique interesting version of such subjects.

  5. Share responsibly
  6. You don’t have to share the world everything about you, even if it already seemed irrelevant. Though periscope allows you to broadcast anything and everything, your folks will surely get annoyed watching videos that they can’t even relate to or seemed to be nonsense. Only share scopes that you find truly spectacular.

  7. Give generously
  8. As an old adage goes “what you give is what you will receive”, when you give more hearts and follow your fellow periscopers, your action will be more likely returned to you. Just like in real life situation, the more you become friendly, the greater the number of your friends will be.

  9. Promotion of the replay is the key
  10. A broadcast has a lifespan of only 24-hours so it’s imperative to make the most within that time frame. You can promote the scope right after the live broadcast, and follow it with few more promotions especially an hour before its expiration. Through telling people about the remaining hours or minutes, they will more likely to be motivated to take action. Once they see your scope, there is greater possibility that they might follow you.

  11. Be part of periscopers community
  12. It’s the continuation of ‘give generously’. Being part of the periscoper’s community is one of the most effective way of increasing your followers. Spend at least 20 minutes per day watching other periscoper’s scopes. But make sure it is an intentional one. Try to be more active and join the discussion- say hello and interact with the broadcaster. Other periscopers also want someone who is an active viewer. Once you gain reputation as a familiar viewer, other periscopers will more likely to tell others to be your follower.

  13. Scope as frequent as possible
  14. The only (obvious) way to be famous as periscoper is to broadcast as frequent as possible. People will less likely to notice you when you have nothing to give them. Periscope is about making scopes. And as for periscope allocate only 24 hours for replay, after extending the limits, your account will show ‘zero’ broadcast.

  15. Add profile picture and profile description.
  16. Ok. It’s a basic. But new periscopers often overlook this aspect. Your profile picture is the primary factor that encourages other individuals to follow your account. No one will likely to follow an account with a Humpy-dumpy photo or the egg-shaped symbol that appears when you don’t have a profile photo.

    Another basic is the profile description. Remember, people always want to know something about you. Without a description, they may thing you are a troll. Besides, google will not found your scopes. Yes, periscope got some Google juice, so you need to have some keywords on the description or profile bio.

  17. Just be who you are
  18. That’s it. Just be who you are. People like ‘real’ people. Be true to yourself and let your true self shine.

  19. Buy Periscope followers
  20. It’s cheating? Perhaps, but it’s the most effective and easiest way on how to gain followers on periscope. Even if you don’t follow the aforementioned ways on how to get more periscope followers, this last trick is a sure fire and will never fail you. Hearts and Followers can be acquired effortlessly. But of course will need some amount of money.

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