Super Amazing Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

Why Choose Instagram over Other Social Media Platforms?

From a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram has come a long way and established itself as the most prominent platform around. One thing which is still the same in this platform is the potential to put your brand directly in front of your relevant target market. There are several successful social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but none is capable of reaching the success which Instagram possesses. With more than 500 million users it has made numerous records, and the number of these users is rising quickly every day. And in a report, it is predicted to surpass 150 million active users this year. So it is in the top priority of every marketing strategy.

Why Instagram is So Popular?

Why Instagram is So Popular

Most of the social media networks around the web are playing the safe game, but only Instagram is trying different creative ways for the seamless experience of its users. If you want to know why this platform is so popular then check this out –

  • Feel Like Celebrities – From making ordinary people feel like celebrities, Instagram is giving a thousand reasons to its users to use it and attracting lots of new users from all over the world.
  • Share your Photos on Other Social Networks – One of the biggest reasons behind the success of this platform is that you don’t have to share your image on Facebook. You need to connect your account with it, and you are ready to catch lots of user’s attention.
  • Huge Following – Humans are social animals, and we love to show off to some extent. Instagram has a unique style where you can have your own followers. Isn’t it amazing? Imagine how wonderful you get when thousands of people are following you.
  • Easy to Use – Using Instagram is very easy, so it attracts people of every age. And somewhere it is the reason this app acquired so popularity.

The Ranking Algorithm on Instagram

Most of the marketers are still unaware of the algorithm of Instagram which determines the ranking of any post on the Instagram feed. Are you one of them? The higher the engagement any post is getting, the greater exposure it will get. Eventually, the ranking of any post directly depends upon the engagement rate i.e. on Instagram comments. The factors which are responsible for this are –

  • The number of likes and comments a post is getting.
  • Your posting time.
  • How recently you have posted
  • If that same user has communicated with your content again

After reading this, you must be anxious to know how you can also raise such engagement on your post.

10 Super Amazing Tips to Get More Engagement

Tips to Get More Engagement on instagram

1. Make your Content More Findable

Searching any brand or product with the proper hashtag make this platform quite distinct. An interactive hashtag is an excellent way to create tremendous engagement. Some of the well-established brands have hashtags of their name. This encourages other marketers to do Instagram marketing. But it is observed if you post an image with the proper hashtag, you can develop responses on it by 10 times.

2. Follow Similar Instagram Profiles

One of the factors which determine your success is to follow the Instagram profiles which have the same business that you possess. Comment on their post about your business so that more people will know you.

3. Add Emotions

In research, it is found that most of the videos that go viral are somewhat connecting with the emotions of the users. Among the most were posts that created anticipation, surprised the viewer, and aroused curiosity. So try adding some emotions which can entice the interest of your followers to comment on your post.

4. Cross Promoting

Cross promoting is one of the most significant factors that give results for sure and increases the popularity of your business. The more people see the more people will know you. Ultimately, you can connect with lots of people across multiple channels.

5. Ask your Users to Engage

One of the simplest ways to increase comments on your post is to ask your users to comments on your post. Now you must be wondering how? You can ask a question in your caption like “Agree or disagree?” or “What’s your choice?” to prompt more responses and earn more comments.

6. Purchase Instagram Comments

Are you one of the businesses who is looking forward to getting the right exposure? Being less known, you have to face a lot of difficulties in building trust in you. So purchase Instagram comments and give a boost to your post.

7. Respond to the Queries

Another great way of increasing engagement is to respond to the comments on your post. It will double the engagement and makes your customers happy.

8. Catchy Caption

Posting an image without caption could be boring but choosing the right one, can catch the attention of lots of users. So be wise while choosing the caption.

9. Compelling Content

Convincing new people to trust your brand is never been an easier task. For the effective image on Instagram, your content not only resonates with your target audience but also encourage them to share and interact with your brand. To create compelling content for getting lots of appreciation.

10. Post Videos

From the past few years, the visualizing content is on rage. Most of the successful businesses are using videos for explaining the culture of their businesses. So share compelling videos and ask your users to comment their opinions on it. One more thing you can share long videos on IGTV which is a great version of Instagram for uploading long videos.


Instagram marketing gives you more opportunity to promote and established your brand more effectively than ever before. It also creates brand awareness among your people, builds greater relationships and grows organically. However, if you want to get your desired success on Instagram then you need to think something out of the box apart from uploading high-quality images. Make your own strategies that no one have used it

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