The Secret of Creating Countless Comments on YouTube Instantly

Engagement is considered as an excellent marketing tool as it encourages other users to come and visit your website or your product. Whenever we talk about video marketing, or you wanted to share your ideas with the people around the world then always a name came to our mind is YouTube. Well, I don’t think there is someone, who is unaware of the popularity of it.

Some Interesting Facts about YouTube

YouTube is huge. An average YouTube user spends 10 to 15 minutes per day but except knowing the fact that it is just a video sharing platform, do you know anything else about this platform? Like when it came into existence? Whose idea is behind this platform? Why it came into existence? I’ll guess you hardly know anything. So, I would love to share some interesting facts that you might be unaware of –

1.YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim and the founder knew each other while     working in a new internet startup PayPal.

2. YouTube has come into existence in Feb 2005 and the domain name of this platform registered on Valentine’s     Day. And you would be amazed to know that the trio did not come up directly with the concept else it came up as a   video dating site.

3. Google bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stocks just 18 months after YouTube’s creation.

Why this platform is beneficial from Business Point of view?

As video marketing is growing exponentially and the fascinating fact is that more than 4 billion videos viewed daily. So if you have just started your business or career, then targeting this platform can help you in reaching your audience. Now you must be wondering how? You can create videos, related to your business and you can advertise your business on other people’s videos just to catch the attention of your potential audience.

This platform is so wide that you will definitely find raving fans or a group of people for your brand. The reason why you should use this platform –

1. It is the second largest search engine after Google and it is bigger than Bing, Yahoo and asks.
2. It is the third most visited website all over the world after Google and Facebook.
3. Every minute almost 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube.
4.  It has more than 1 billion users which are approx. the one-third of the population over the Internet.
5. You can navigate this platform in 75 different languages which cover 95% of the population on the internet.

How to get YouTube Comments?

Doing marketing is all about coming in top searches, so no other platform can be as beneficial as YouTube. Getting found on the Internet is really a tough task and most of the people works days and night so that they can come in top searches. But YouTube is the only platform where you get directly searched in its search engine. Not only had this you can also be searched in google search results. So being a part of this platform can even bring success overnight. But how?

There are different factors that are responsible for the top searches that you can also use for your brand. Too many video marketers think of YouTube comments as a side effect of video marketing. They give no consideration to them, they don’t support them, and they sure don’t respond to them. This is the wrong strategy.

But the easiest way that can even make your video viral is to get countless comments. The higher the number of comments you are getting on your video the more people wanted to join in the conversation.

To come in top searches your video must be interesting enough so that people can’t resist themselves to comment on your video.

9 Ways to Makes your Video Engaging

1. Get in Top Searches

The success of any video depends upon the visibility of that video. Take an example if you have created a video which is high in quality, great sound, and the title is unique but still, it is not found in top searches then what is the benefit of doing such hard work? You can come in top searches by increasing the engagement on it and the excellent way of doing this is to get a lot of influential comments which can attract other users to carry forward the conversation.

2. Catchy Title

The first thing that attracts the users to watch your video is the title. The catchier it will be the more people watch it. And the chances of getting comments fast and easily are high. So try to create excitement among your audience.

3. Involvement of your Audience

The excellent way to make your brand more popular is to make your audience feel like a part of your brand. Getting numerous comments on your video is a great way to target more audience to come and get involved or join the conversation.

4. Start the Conversation from Your side

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with posting in your own comments sections, either. Sometimes viewers may be slow to get the conversation going, but you can kick-start it by asking a question in the comments. Just wait a couple of hours after you upload a video to YouTube in order to give your viewers a chance to start their own discussions. This is also a great way to direct the conversation taking place in your YouTube comments.

5. Win their Trust

Being an entrepreneur we all are aware that a bonding is necessary for the long-term business. So try to make your product and especially services Valant good that your people never want to leave you.

6. Respond to the Comments

You can even respond to the comments that your audience done on your video and the benefit of doing this is that it will boost the conversation and the chances of conversion become more.

7. Quality of the Video

What makes users attract towards your brand? Think from the user point of view we use to trust those brand who uses a high-quality video for the promotion. Try to make your video interesting at the same time it should be of high quality so that your user get the velar image of your products and services. You can also try this method to attract new customers to your brand.

8. Buy YouTube Comments

One of the fastest ways to get a lot of comments in less time is to buy YouTube comments from any reliable firm. Because purchasing such a service from any firm can even block your channel on YouTube. So before making any decision, you must check the ratings and the feedbacks of their previous customers. When you get completely satisfied then you should continue the further process.

9. Ask your Audience for their Feedback

Asking your audience for the feedback on your product is a great way to boost the engagement on your video, and it will attract the attention of other users. If you are getting more positive comments, then it will be the turning point in the popularity of your brand. As the people believe what they see or what other people are following so you can set your benchmark by increasing the number of comments.

Thanks for reading my article and I hope it will help you in achieving the success that you are waiting for your brand.

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